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Hi! I'm Fara, a fitness fanatic with a love for content creation. Whether you want to talk about health, sports, fitness or content development and strategy, I'll geek out and talk your ears off for hours! For a taste of my latest fitastic works, visit here.

A little about me: Dancing since the age of five, I got my first taste of active living. Fast forward to the age of 14, when I stepped foot into my first gym--where I fell in love with the fitness crowd. Fueled with movement, I continued to stay active and dance through college, which got me through many tough classes. After my freshman year I suffered a back injury that left me sidelined for a year. Devastated, I took my energy to study my love of anatomy while learning about content creation. Everything happens for a reason, right? That's when I discovered my love to help others achieve their fitness goals. My senior year of college I became a trainer, ran my first 5K, and traded in my ballet shoes for the latest--and brightest--pair of running shoes.

Continuously staying on top of the latest trends, I love talking health, sports, fitness and food with anyone and everyone. Mix in my love for content creation in the lifestyle/fitness world, my dream job was built: An expert in content strategy and fitness writer/editor.

My passion for storytelling has earned me an Emmy Award and I've been sharing content across various publications, such as Women's Running, Refinery29, Active.com, MyFitnessPal and WOD. In addition, I've spoken on panels, held workshops and continue to build brand's content strategy.

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